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Math Songs is so much more than just number songs. It introduces kids to all kinds of musical genres, styles and scales, ethnic cultures and classic American cultural references all while being completely singable, accessible and fun! It’s an education in so much more than math.

With adjustable playback speeds students can customize their listening experience!

Teachers and home educators – see the Blog for more information on exploring the different ethnic, cultural and musical references you’ll find in Math Songs.

A Quick Look

Math Facts

Music Genres


What's Inside

  • Unlimited streaming online
  • iPrintable lyric sheets
  • Playback speed rate control
  • Downoad your favorite tracks
  • View lyrics for each track
  • jTips for how to use Math Songs
  • Listen on the go across devices

What makes us different...

  • Original music for all ages
  • Exclusive songs only available here
  • Professionally recorded quality
  • Music styles from around the world
  • Helps all learners master math facts

AboutSarah brown

Everyone has a giftyou might call it a super power! Sarah Brown’s super power is to “songify” anything! A trained musician, worship leader, mother of 7, pastor’s wife, teacher and homeschool veteran, she earned a Bachelor’s of Music in Composition from Oakland University, MI in 2001.  But her “super power” was really discovered as she began to homeschool her children using Classical Conversations. She set all the Foundations material that wasn’t already in song to new music and discovered her gift for taking difficult academic material and creating original, engaging songs that help students memorize.

Since the age of fifteen, Sarah has written hundreds of songs, setting Scripture, hymns, books, timelines, poetry, catechisms and theological works to original music. Sarah loves reading, good conversation, good food and spending time with family and friends. Doing math is not on the list of things she enjoys, but she does love singing it!

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Maximize Your Experience

Math Songs offers a triad of resources to help you find success in memorizing those stubborn facts! This 3-pronged approach combines Visual Aids, Sarah’s Math Songs  and her Tips for Learning by Layering to create a refreshing and enjoyable experience of memorizing that is a unique combination of the creativity and teaching experience Sarah offers the world. 

Visual Aids

Using visual resources helps your student connect what they encounter on paper with what they hear. Our state of the art player has the math facts for each song appear as the song is playing! Plus, Sarah offers professionally designed "lyric" pages to compliment your listening experience. 

Creative Music

Sarah’s Math Songs are original and engaging. No more tiresome Row, Row, Row Your Boat…Kids want to listen to these so they won’t tune them out. All it takes is a couple listens and they’ll be stuck in their heads!

Neuroscientific Learning Strategies

Studies in neuroscience show that periods of intentional and focused learning utilizing multiple senses at the same time produce superior results in learning. We call this Learning by Layering. See Sarah’s PDF of tips for how to strategically use Math Songs in combination with other learning tools.

Learning Success!

Visual Aids + Creative Music + Neuroscientific Learning Strategies = Learning Success

Combining these three elements will certainly move the dial on your learning success!

Special Thanks

ALBUM Credits

Recorded at
Milkboy The Studio, Philadelphia PA

Produced by Sarah Brown
All songs composed and arranged by Sarah Brown
except Jingle Bells (4x Table)

Engineered by Cody Cichowski
Piano & vocals by Sarah Brown
Jazz piano by Mike Frank
Guitar by Christopher Wright
Drums by Frank Dolfe


MathSongs copyright Sarah Brown Music 2021