Educational Cross Pollination

by | Mar 23, 2022

Math Songs are not strictly written in any of these styles but have been inspired by them!

In true classical educational style, if you’re studying any of these things in your music or cultural studies you can connect the dots with these math songs. See the table below.

Skip Counting Music Theory  Cultural Exposure
Mozart Counts by 2s Alberti Bass Classical (in music) time period 
4s Vibe Out in a Jazz Club  Jazz progression Jazz
The Very Sad 5s The melody is based on the Israeli National Anthem – Hatikvoh.
I Hope the Russians Love Their 6s Too The artist STING from Dream of the Blue Turtles. I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too. 
8s in Space Whole Tone scale
Dear 10s…  Love, Theodosia Hamilton, the musical. 
Kung Fu 12s Pentascale, asian polyphonic construction of song Asian culture
The 13 Amigos’ Tango Harmonic Minor scale, tango dance rhythm/ song form Latin culture, Ballroom dancing 
14 Pirates in the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean
TGIFifteen American 90s sitcoms
The 2x Blues Blues scale, 12 bar blues
Lord of the 5s 6/8 rhythm, jig Irish dancer – Lord of the Dance; Irish step dancing
Maroon 6  Maroon 5 band
“7 Brides for 7 Brothers” 7 Brides for 7 Brothers – the classic musical
It Takes 10 to Conga Conga line rhythm Latin/ Cuban culture
Conversions and Area
1 Millimeter = Swingin’ times…(Metric to US Linear Equivalents)  Swing, 12 Bar Blues, Blues scale Swing Dancing
Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table (Circumference of a Circle) Moving between Major and Natural Minor scales
The Temperature Tango (Fahrenheit to Celsius) Tango style, jazz 
Area 51 (Area of a Square, Rectangle, Triangle) American Pop Rock
The Waltzing Spoons (Kitchen Measurements, Tsp -Tbls…) ¾ time signature (very uncommon in modern music)
Inching Along for Miles (US Linear Equivalents) Jazz

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