The mostFrequently Asked Questions

What ages are Math Songs for?

Math Songs are for all ages! Whether you’re just starting to learn your facts for the first time, or you never quite mastered them like you’d like, Math Songs will help you learn! That said, here are some generalizations: children learn to skip count in K-3rd grade; multiplication tables in 2nd-5th grade; and conversions and area in 5th-9th grade. But really, your best guide is knowing YOUR particular child, what they’re ready for and what they need to learn!

How do I use Math Songs?

Math Songs is absolutely enjoyable and beneficial as is, without extra learning tools!  However, if really learning math facts is your goal, using Sarah’s proven triad approach will produce the best outcomes! 

Using Visual Aids + Creative Music + Neuroscientific Learning Strategies = Learning Success.

Visit the ABOUT page for more information! You can use Sarah’s resources or your own! The bottom line is that studies show you’ll always achieve deeper fluency when you use intentional time, focused effort and strategies that engage multiple senses.

I’ve heard that memorizing is bad. Is that true?

Research shows memorizing remains an important aspect of mathematical competency and cognition. It is certainly not the only area of math children need fluency in, and even with that there is a lot of room to discuss how you accomplish memorizing, with many new “working” strategies being a legitimate pursuit. But committing facts to memory as best you can remains a valuable skill.

See my future blog post for a more detailed discussion.

Why can't I listen on my music apps?

To ensure the best eperience for our listeners, Math Songs will only be available here at

With your purchase, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of Math Songs across all of your devices on our premium music player. This enables us to offer enhanced features like adjustable playback speed, display song lyrics, and download your favorite tracks to your device(s).

Can I get Math Songs anywhere else?

Math Songs is only available here, at

Math Songs is a professional, educational and curricular resource that took hundreds of hours to complete and is offered at an amazing value! Join our many happy customers – you will be so glad you bought Math Songs! And if you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money 100% within 30 days no questions asked.

How do I pay?

Simply add your products to the cart and continue to our easy checkout process.

We accept all the major credit cards through our secure payment process.

Are the lyrics / math facts available?

Yes! Go to the Math Songs shop to see the eye-catching Lyric Sheet PDFs that go with the albums!  They also appear with the click of a tab while you’re playing the songs so you’ll never be without them!


{I love listening to skip counting by 2s over and over. I learned the song fast and could sing it in my head on my own after
Age 6
{The Queen of 15s”  is really dramatic: The music builds to a really cool climax - so fun!
Homeschool veteran
{Math Songs are short and sweet. I loved the variety of musical styles! The 9s Freeze was my favorite!
5th grade Math teacher
{I love the variety of musical themes, very catchy, engaging - so creative!
Homeschool veteran
{The range of these songs is terrific. Learning multiplication and skip counting through 15's creates a lot of advantages for kids in school.
Homeschool veteran
{What is so exceptional about the tunes, about the music, about the arrangements are how enjoyable and interesting they all are when they're put together. These are not geared to the "juvenile" - but to enjoy listening, mimicking and singing as a way of learning! There isn't a boring track in the entire lot!
Homeschool veteran
{It’s a new way of learning math and made the learning process more interesting.
{These cleverly devised math songs are charming, winsome and extraordinarily helpful. The different styles of music brings yet another element of learning into the mix - I will be sending these as gifts to friends- absolutely wonderful.
Artist and math-challenged individual
{[The songs] provide an enjoyable experience for developing math students to be able to quickly and accurately compute math facts.
High School Math Teacher
{I would definitely use the skip counting with my Kindergarten class which learns 2's, 5's,10's.  The songs are upbeat but very soothing to the ear and easy to follow.
Kindergarten teacher
{America Goes Metric is especially fun!
Homeschool mom
{My third grade son loves these songs, and they make the repetition of multiplication facts something he can truly enjoy! These songs are so creatively written that they are an addition to not only our math program but our music curriculum as well!
Homeschool mom of 4
{We love using Math Songs as a supplement to our math curriculum! It has helped us to reinforce the multiplication tables in a fun and catchy way… We love how each song has its own style!
Homeschool mom of 4
{These MATH SONGS are easy, fun, and will be a great assist to your children's attention and learning.  Learning tools that are of high quality and interesting for our children make all the difference!
Homeschool veteran