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Math Songs: Welcome

Welcome to Math-Songs. Here We Offer Easy To Learn Math Songs, Algebra Songs, Pre Algebra Songs & Geometry Songs Set To Simple Well Known Tunes. These Simple Songs Will Help You Retain Math Theorems, Formulas and Methods. Download Them To Your MP3 Player & Be Amazed At How Quickly You Learn.

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“If all art aspires to the condition of music, all the sciences aspire to the condition of mathematics”. – George Santanaya

“Music is the pleasure of the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting”. – Gottfried Leibniz

First, the introductions.

My name is David and I have been teaching math for over 30 years.   I have found that a great way to teach math is through singing!  My students love to sing in class, and they remember math concepts when the concepts are introduced or reinforced through song.  The pre-algebra songs, algebra songs, and geometry math songs that I’ve written are all written to well-known songs, so they are easy to implement in class or at home.  I hope you can use my math songs to bring learning and joy to your students and/or children. Please feel free to leave your comments below!

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  1. Barbara

    Try going a day without using any Maths at all. I’m not just talking about counting your change. You couldn’t survive without mathematics even if you lived in the woods. Pity my kids don’t realize this. I can really see how these songs could help kids learn about maths. Nice job.

  2. Rita Brennan Freay

    Great!!! How fun, these song bring back memories…in so many ways! Can’t wait to teach my kids math…the fun way!!! I have to send this to their school/teachers….so they can share the fun & learning:)

    Rita Brennan Freay

  3. Yurry

    The Solving Equations song is great for teaching the basics of algebra. I can’t wait to use it with my students. I’m sure they’ll remember the catchy tune and words, and that’s what it’s all about. I’ll be returning to the site to check on songs for other topics and later in February to check out the MP3 versions. Thanks for a great teaching option!

    1. labefam


      Thanks for the positive feedback. We are hoping to have all the songs in MP3 format sometime during February

  4. danielle jamal

    hello im a teacher for gr 1 2 3 I need to hear songs for this ages 10xs


    1. labefam


      The songs are mostly for grades 8th plus but many can be used with younger kids.. If they learn these formulas and concepts now, they will be well prepared for middle school.. Even if they don’t really understand what they are singing about. Most kids learn the ABC song long before they learn about how to use letters to make words.

      You can hear a snippet of each song at the website, just click on the subjects you are interested in.. If you want to hear a whole song, I can send you one via email.. Do you play an instrument..sing?

      We plan on uploading full MP3 versions soon on MP3s but right now they are designed for you to sing the songs with or to the kids

      Please let me know if you have more questions


  5. Ghetto

    Hi, I am 13 years old and not very good at Math.Can we get these songs for the I-pod so i can listen to them instead

    1. Math-Songs

      We will have them all in MP3 form in about a month, so please come back and check then, Thanks, David

    2. Math-Songs

      Hi, we thought we would contact you personally about this, well, it seems that we could get it for the ipod touch, but we need you to go to our website and contact us, and we were wondering if there are any other online math songs you would like to add! If you want to write a song for us we would absolutely appreciate it :) Anyway, Thanks and we hope you have good look on this! :)

      1. labefam

        you can buy all the songs at this website

  6. Math Teacher

    If I buy them all, will I get discount for them? How many of them in total? Do you cover all Mathematics topic?

    1. Math-Songs

      Math-Teacher..Yes if you look at the bottom of each page there is the option to buy all the songs from that subject, or all the songs from all 3 subjects both options offer a discounted cost

      Thanks for your interest

  7. Jang Geum

    My son saw this online and asked me to buy for him. It is the very first time he asked me to buy something related to studies. Thank you.

    1. Math-Songs

      Great. Let us know if he liked them

  8. Nora Elena

    Hey, I see you use PayPal for payment, do you have another way to pay as I do not have a PayPal account

    1. Math-Songs

      Nora. You can pay with a major credit card. Thanks for buying

  9. Joyce

    I am a 6th grade advanced mathematics teacher. I might be interested but I do not play guitar or sing. Do you have these songs on a cd or other format that I could play to the students?

    1. Math-Songs

      Joyce. I plan to have all the songs available on MP3 some time this summer so please stop by again and they will be ready before your go back to school in August..


  10. Brian Hill

    Is the songs available for different ages?

    1. Math-Songs

      Brian, the songs are aimed at middle school students but can be used for younger or even older kids. They are a good way to introduce kids to the subjects in a fun and interesting way

  11. MathMan

    Barbara is right..we really can’t survive without math, pity the students don’t always understand that. Thanks for the songs, I plan to learn them over summer break and start singing them with my 6th graders in the fall. I am no great singer but i play pretty well. At least the kids can have a laugh at my singing and hopefully they will learn some things too. Great idea!

    1. Math-Songs

      MathMan..Thanks so much. i appreciate your thoughts. Good luck with the singing, i found that the kids love it whether you can sing or not and they love to sing along too..especially the 6th graders, they love this type of thing but It can be a bit more challenging with the 8th graders though

      Please come back and let us know how the kids reacted. We will be uploading new songs too

  12. Tom

    I listened to some songs and they are really good. Cool idea

    1. Math-Songs

      Thanks Tom, Glad you liked them

  13. labefam

    Thanks so much for the encouragement Rita and thanks for passing it on. Teachers can really benefit from this style of teaching and it really does make learning math FUN!

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