How to Use Math Songs

by | Mar 2, 2022

There are multiple ways to use math songs! 

The great thing about these songs is that they’re entertaining and enjoyable in their own right! You can put them on in the background while you’re driving with your kids and they can sing along like they do with their favorite albums. This is cool because while they’re playing the tunes and facts are getting in their little heads! There’s enough variety and fun that even mom and dad won’t get bored! 

Primarily, Math Songs is a tool to supplement your math studies. Math Songs should be used strategically to help your kids really learn and internalize their multiplication facts. 

So here’s a few suggestions to make math songs work for you:

Pedagogically, I recommend using it WITH other visual aids:

flash cards, work sheets etc. in the Tips for Learning by Layering I have lots of suggestions! You can download the matching pdf of the song “lyrics” (the math facts:-)  and the Tips for a cohesive Math Songs experience! 

Practically, you could take 1 song per week (or maybe a 2 week span) and focus your studying on that one fact.

Trying to master many songs/facts all at the same time will likely be overwhelming and confusing. So say it’s the 6s. Listen to only the 6s that week. Use flash cards or any other tools you use at home or in the classroom. With this approach You could get through 2-15s in 14 weeks of school! 

You could focus on skip counting first and then multiplication tables.

This approach is good if you’re students are around K-2. You’d introduce multiplication tables around grade 3 or so. 

You could focus on one number and learn both Skip Counting and Multiplication Tables together.

You’d be learning 2 songs at a time, but you’d be really reinforcing the concepts of the groupings of 4s or whatever number you were on.

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