How do I get the facts from a song in my head?

by | Mar 16, 2022

To move from the song to the pure information (without melody or rhythm) go through this process:


Learn the song

Eventually you want to be able to sing it quickly in your head, almost in a rushed sort of way where you’re focusing on just getting the information out. The play back speed rate control feature will be very helpful in this endeavor! You can slow it down to learn it and then speed it up to see how musch you’ve mastered the information. Then you can start to move to the next step. 

Now say the song in rhythm but with no melody

Same as above, you’ll want to be able to say the rhythm of the words quickly, in an almost rushed sort of way. This starts to bridge the gap between the rhythm that the words are associated with and the words (numbers) themselves, apart from the rhythm. 

Now take away the rhythm altogether

Transitionally your brain will feel like one part of it is remembering the rhythm/ melody while another part is stating the facts totally apart from those helpers. 

Now practice saying the facts as they are, as if you were just reading or stating them. 

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