When You Subtract With a Pirate (math song for kids)

Kids have been talking about pirates all year so… BOOOOOM- here we go w/ a pirate subtraction song! Apparently my wife says that my pirate voice is more like a leprechaun, so I guess I’m one video too late. Ha! Enjoy!

A mathematical parody of Fergie’s Fergalicious. If you have an undeniable passion for this song, you can purchase it from several music sharing websites, including iTunes, LimeWire, eMusic, Amazon, and Rhapsody. A sincere thanks to Dan D’Amelia for technical assistance and the Clifton Park Fire Department for allowing use of their facilities. LYRICS Four, three, two, one Listen up, ya’ll, ’cause this is it The numbers we’re making are so vicious Mathmaticious expeditious can be kind of scary I hope my answers aren’t radical or imaginary I convert percents to fractions, it brings me some satisfaction Like scientific notation and order of operations Mathmaticious (repetitious) Gets me expeditious My answers may get vicious My eraser’s left in stitches I make wishes (woo-ah) I get the answer right, right And I’ll be staying up all night just to check what I write (four, three, two, one) Mathmaticious (The Pythagorean Theory) Mathmaticious (Finds the hypotenuse for me) Mathmaticious (Or I’ll use trigonometry) I’m Mathmaticious (ddddd-decimal, decimal) Locus of the points Locus of the points Locus of the points (points is echoing) I’m up about figuring out greatest common factors And when I make a pie chart I’m in need of a protractor The angle of elevation, thanks to my calculations Turns out to be 43, a prime number I’m Mathmaticious (repetitious) It makes me so ambitious My answers are judicious Calculator never glitches It’s my mission (deh deh deh den) I get the answer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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