Slope rap with the tune “Fresh” by 6TreG made by students of Desoto High School. www.rosemathchampions.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I wrote this as a way to impress upon my students that the Order of Operations is extremely important and that they cannot be reliant upon a calculator to do the work for them. This is especially true in Algebra, they will have to do the inverse of these operations. The lyrics: We read, from left to right, like this: “The Bird Takes Flight.” But doing that in Math will get you treated, defeated, mad, and overheated. You need the O of O’s; the Order of Operations. First you do the groupings, parentheses, fraction bars, and inside little root things. Next comes exponents, you gotta own it, I wish it was the way my money was a growin. Don’t cry, multiply divide left to right, so I mark it right and then add subtract but don’t disrespect, you might subtract then add. And don’t get mad about my killin’ rhymes. I should be billin’ time. You got the Dub for free, listen to me, teaching bout the O of O’s.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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