Geometry Song

Mr. R.’s song and video about geometry (with lyrics)- circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, polygons, spheres, and more! See which shapes your students can recognize. See more of Mr. R.’s free math and science resources at mathstory.com LYRICS Geometry, geometry, Gives us all our shapes you see… Circles, squares, prisms, spheres, Shapes that look like rabbit ears… Shapes of grapes, and apes, and apes, Hiding out behind the drapes, Time to make a great escape, When shapes are forming into apes… Geometry, geometry, Gives us all our shapes you see, Circles, squares, prisms, spheres, Shapes that look like rabbit ears… Shapes of scrapes, Shapes of plates, Naming, using, All those shapes, Circles, squares, polygons, And all the shapes you’ve ever drawn… Circles, squares, polygons, All the shapes you’ve ever drawn, Ovals, cubes, prisms, spheres, Shapes that look like rabbits ears! Hexagon, And octagon, And pentagon, All be gone! Pyramids here, Squares over there, All the shapes that I can bear! Geometry, geometry, Gives us all our shapes you see… Circles, squares, prisms, spheres, Shapes that look like rabbit ears… Angles, curves, diamonds, swerves, Shapes I often do observe, Make me dizzy, Make me sigh, Geometry’s one busy guy!!! Circles squares prisms spheres Shapes that look like rabbit’s ears Hexagons, pentagons, polygons, And octagons, And septagons, And nonagons, All those gons, Now they’re gone! Rhombus, circle, trapezoid, Shapes we use to fill a void

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  1. KrisG2k5

    thanks so much, this helped my students memorize their geometric shapes.

    Tina in the Philippines

  2. cuesta70

    salamat sa awiting matematiko!

  3. mathsongs1

    – sure hope so- it took a while to get that rabbit to stand still!

  4. mabuhayguy


  5. mathsongs1

    SALAMAT- I’m glad you liked it- hope it helps!

  6. beajrstar

    Wow! kababayan pareho lng pla si mabuhayguy at ikaw, eh mga talaentadong pinoy!

  7. infectmewithyourL0V3

    Lol cute

  8. princesskaylee266

    Haha, love it :)

  9. princesskaylee266

    Haha, love it :)

  10. XBLGamer1996

    10000000 x better then glee

  11. nickydemetriades

    Hahaha nice

  12. lrrichards1218


  13. palmtree4i

    love it

  14. ChrisPBaconistheShiz

    Still better then Twilight

  15. picklesrox7


  16. XBLGamer1996

    everything is better then glee it ruins all good songs 

  17. picklesrox7

    well than you dont know good music

  18. XBLGamer1996

    great will attack them all together GLEE SUCKS

  19. XBLGamer1996

    i know good music glee is not part of good music its up there with friday and justine bieber

  20. kenziemac02

    definitly by the way if you look at the “glee sign” it just looks like loser sign lol

  21. XBLGamer1996

    yup the only thing i like in glee is the teacher that hates glee

  22. picklesrox7

    No i think ur mistakeing glee 4 u

  23. XBLGamer1996

    i know i cant sing but neither can glee you do know all them suck in real life its a computer to change there voice and they do it in live shows 2

  24. picklesrox7

    Actullay mercadies, santana, rachel, sam, rory, puck, artie, and finn have good voices. I have 2 admit that some songs suck but their shows r funny

  25. XBLGamer1996

    still u have ur shitty opinion i have my

  26. picklesrox7

    true that true that. But we both hate justin beiber and friday

  27. XBLGamer1996

    yea and that is all that matters lol

  28. picklesrox7


  29. jfostermath

    I think all these people making negative comments missed the point-you did a great job putting your spin on how difficult math is for some to learn because of memorizing & understanding all of the formulas. Understanding math is difficult for many people, & the fact that you took the time to write music lyrics to a song that everyone knows might make the concept stick…whether folks like the original music or your voices & music or not! Keep it up..creative thinking about math!

  30. uhrawrandhearts

    thank you!

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